This is an inner journey. A journey of the spiritual and mundane and about being human. An imperfect journey. My journey.

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Eyes

This is an inner journey.
My motto is quite simply: " Believe". The past several years have provided me with the opportunity to look more deeply within myself that I have ever done before, and I know myself better now than ever before. I thought I knew who I was and what my beliefs were...and then Life took a fork in the road I would have never have thought of taking.

 This  a journey of the spiritual and mundane.
Each  of us have a unique understanding of our own spirituality. Mine is that the spiritual and mundane are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other for me.

This is a human journey.
Being human is a contradictory concept. Since you and I have never been anything other than humans, you would think we had a better handle on it...But I am learning everyday about my humanity and humility...and the experience is at once exhilarating, satisfying, frustrating, and depressing.

This is an imperfect journey. I try to be mindful and authentic in all my actions.Things don't always go smoothly despite the best intentions. Life gets prickly and interactions-no matter how genuine-can get sticky.

But this is my journey.
I walk this path to the best of my ability, and I confess now that sometimes I get side tracked and lost.Okay, not just sometimes...all the time...because even though I may have my heart set on a destination, it's how I get there that's the most important expression of who I am.

What this journey requires is the belief that comes from knowing that comes from going to the place of deep indwelling where my spirit exists and my soul lives. It's a matter of faith...inner faith, the faith that comes from within, the well of desire that keeps me going.